Tetraptych Live at the Lilypad


Downloadable .zip including audio (AAC 320kbps VBR), liner notes PDF, and album art.



Hery Paz (tenor saxophone)
Max Ridley (upright bass)
Dor Herskovits (drums)
Bert Seager (piano and compositions)

Recorded on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 The Lilypad, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

Recording Engineer – Antonio Oliart

  1. Elegy For Abelard :53
  2. So Far 11:17
  3. For Perry 8:03
  4. Ready For Hery 10:31
  5. Weightless 11:21
  6. Renée at Rest 4:59
  7. Bot Not For Me 5:32
  8. Played Twice 12:39
  9. Elegy For Abelard (reprise) 2:51

All songs written by Bert Seager – Bertil Music, BMI except “Played Twice” by Thelonious Monk

Cover Art by Hery Paz

CD Design by Gary Baldwin