Jazz Piano Lessons Available

My teaching reflects both an inward and outward-looking view of life and music.  My professional and personal evolution has helped me to cultivate an open mind, patience, and a ready willingness to help guide and motivate you towards achieving your goals.

At the New England Conservatory of Music, I taught creative musicians an in-depth approach to the fundamentals of harmony, rhythm, and improvisation. My systematic and flexible pedagogy, teaching the mastery of musical vocabulary and styles, never loses sight of the bigger picture: the development of each student’s personal aesthetic and professional direction.

At my home studio for amateur and professional musicians, I customize the materials to suit the interests and abilities of each student.  I offer a variety of topics that help address the development of necessary skills while devising a course of study for each student that provides a clear, engaging and efficient path. 

Topics for Study and Mastery

  • Understanding goals and direction
  • Practice techniques/routines for efficient learning
  • Aural training – singing and dictation
  • Rhythmic training – groove and subdivision
  • Melodies and bass lines  – song form
  • Long-term melodic memorization
  • Long-term harmonic memorization
  • Chord voicings as basic structures
  • Transcription
  • Improvisation
  • Scale patterns for improvisation
  • Melodic fragments for improvisation
  • Rhythmic Displacement
  • Song writing
  • Piano technique and sound
  • Playing with others
  • Playing for an audience
Please contact me via this web site and I will respond right away, thank you!