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Heart of Hearing

Heart of Hearing

“The power of combining music with words magically allows meaning to penetrate more deeply. I sense that adding Lili’s gorgeous voice to our long standing jazz quartet – singing lyrics about love and transformation – amplifies the connecting force of our music.

On this new album, recorded with exquisite clarity and warmth by two-time Grammy-winning sound engineer, Antonio Oliart, I appreciate how each song can at once bridge the divide between listener and performer, accompanying everyone into the heart of hearing.

Bert Seager – piano | Lili Shires – voice | Rick DiMuzio – tenor saxophone | Max Ridley – upright bass | Dor Herskovits – drums


Tetraptych Live at the Lilypad

Bert Seager – piano | Hery Paz – tenor saxophone | Max Ridley – bass | Dor Herskovits – drums

Recorded on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 The Lilypad, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA


Birds Eye

Nathan Reising – alto saxophone | Bert Seager – piano | James Heazlewood-Dale – upright bass

Recorded October 19, 2018 at New England Conservatory.


Tetraptych 2017 – Red Piano Records

Bert Seager – piano | Hery Paz – tenor saxophone | Max Ridley – bass | Dor Herskovits – drums

“I have followed Bert Seager for 30 years, and I feel that this the strongest project yet from an artist who is always searching for a more personal expression. A wonderful album in every way.” – Fred Hersch

The Why

The Why 2016 – Internal Compass Records ICR2005

Bert Seager – piano | Catherine Bent – cello | Ehud Ettun – bass | Brian O’Neill – hand percussion

This sparkling new chamber-jazz group features piano, cello, upright bass, and hand percussion – soulful original melodies, rich harmonic song form and spontaneous improvisation.

Open Book

Open Book 2012 – Cloud DDCJ 4008

Bert Seager – Piano | Jorge Roeder – Bass | Kazumi Ikenaga – Drums

“I’ve been watching Bert Seager for a quarter of a century, since his recording debut in the 1980’s. Open Book is Bert’s first release on a Japanese record label, and the fruit of a long collaboration with the drummer Kazumi Ikenaga. This album is the definitive edition of Bert Seager.” — Hiroki Sugita, Jazz Japan

Lettuce Play

Lettuce Play 2011 – Invisible Music Records # IM2047

Bert Seager – Piano | Jorge Roeder – Bass | Richie Barshay – Drums

This latest CD from Bert’s “Beat Greens” trio, with Richie Barshay and Jorge Roeder is Seager’s most mature spacious and energetic recording to date. Each piece’s improvised narrative unfolds in a playful three-way conversation.

Lima Beans

Lima Beans 2009 – Invisible Music Records # IM2044

Bert Seager – Piano | Jorge Roeder – Bass | Jorge Perez Albela – Drums

“While Bert Seager is one of the most intelligent contemporary jazz pianists out there, he’s also very enjoyable to anyone who likes well-played music. On this effort he’s able to extend his olive branches a bit more while losing none of the flavor that makes his tasty music special in its own way.” — Michael G. Nastos, AllMusic

Near and Far

Near and Far – KJB 2009 – Invisible Music Records # IM2043

Bert Seager – Piano | John Lockwood – Bass | Kazumi Ikenaga – Drums

Near and Far is the third CD of the KJB band. All three musicians share a commitment to groove, feeling and dynamics and their time together is reflected in their intuitive musical rapport.


Requited 2008 – Invisible Music Records # IM2041

Bert Seager – Piano | Rebecca Shrimpton – Voice | Rick DiMuzio – Tenor/Saxaphone | Jorge Roeder – Bass | Richie Barshay – Drums | Dan Greenspan – Bass | Jorge Pérez-Albela – Drums

Requited is the debut of a new collaboration between composer Bert Seager and novelist Anita Diamant with ten songs that celebrate the persistence of love and hope.

Beat Greens

Beat Greens 2007 – Invisible Music Records # IM2038

Bert Seager – Piano | Jorge Roeder – Bass | Richie Barshay – Drums

“Bert Seager leads a seasoned trio through a collection of highly personalized standards and finely etched originals. Although rhythm-mates Messrs. Barshay and Roeder are short on years they are long on talent and they have had the good fortune to have played with Seager for an extended period. The ensemble spirit that has evolved from that experience shows up well in this recording. Bert’s playing, while generally eschewing technical fireworks, is striking in its thoughtfulness and logic and the organic lines seem to naturally grow from the trio’s interactive frisson. Unafraid to use space, he achieves tension and interest through sophisticated melodic design and piquant harmonic thinking. Highly recommended.” — David Kane, Cadence Magazine

A Closer Look

A Closer Look – KJB 2006 – Invisible Music Records #IM2036

Bert Seager – Piano | John Lockwood – Bass | Kazumi Ikenaga – Drums

The quality of the listening is what draws one into the space of the music on this recording. This music, though based in the traditions of jazz piano trio, has a breathing conversant quality where interaction rather than role-playing is emphasized.

“KJB has produced a fine and tasteful recording from the jazz mainstream.” — Phillip McNally, Cadence Magazine


Openings – KJB 2004 – Invisible Music Records #IM2033

Bert Seager – Piano | John Lockwood – Bass | Kazumi Ikenaga – Drums

“Seager and his musical partners bring a graceful ballad program to their audience, while subtly filling each piece with effervescent optimism.” — Cadence Magazine


Pioneer 2002 – Invisible Music Records #IM2026

Bert Seager – Piano | Masa Kamaguchi – Bass | Také Toriyama – Drums

“Seager has distilled his lyrical approach into perfectly balanced and unfailingly beautiful music full of quiet subtleties.” — Boston Phoenix

Freedom of Assembly

Freedom of Assembly 1999 – Buzz Records #ZZ76009

Bert Seager – Piano | George Donchev – Bass | Nat Mugavero – Drums

“Together, they venture with depth and sensitivity into the realm of unmediated impulse and sound.” — Boston Globe

Freedom of Assembly

Resonance 1997 – Accurate Records #AC-5021

Bert Seager – piano | Dan Greenspan – bass | Dan Rieser – drums

“The Bert Seager Trio has created light and airy music on this recording, but by no means is it lightweight – these guys play forcefully with some tasty dissonant touches.” — JazzTimes

“Resonance is a first-class gem from a local treasure.” — Kevin R. Convey, Boston Herald

Second Spring

Second Spring 1993 – Dental Records #1003

Bert Seager – piano | Dan Greenspan – bass | Joe Hunt – drums

“Seager’s writing incorporates quirky structures without forfeiting melodic elegance and swing.” — Boston Phoenix

Live at The Yardbird Suite

Live At The Yardbird Suite 1990 Bellaphon #CDLR 45023

Bert Seager – piano | Billy Drewes – tenor saxophone | Tim Hagans – trumpet | Dan Greenspan – bass | Ian Froman – drums

“This kind of exuberance makes the jazz world go round.” — Boston Globe

Because They Can

Because They Can 1988 Antilles # 422 848 823

Bert Seager – piano | George Garzone – tenor saxophone | Tim Hagans – trumpet | Dan Greenspan – bass | Joe Hunt – drums

“Best of all, every track has a present-tense passion and commitment to it – reminding one that music that takes account of the jazz past need not be placed within quotation marks.” — Chicago Tribune

Time To Burn

Time To Burn 1987 Antilles #422 848 824

Bert Seager – piano | Jimmy Mosher – alto saxophone | Tim Hagans – trumpet | Dan Greenspan – bass | Joe Hunt – drums

“The group balances fresh immediacy and a whiff of nostalgia” — New York Times