The Supreme Court was less than inspiring this week. I found myself being pulled into a state of dismay. I strongly objected to the unfairness of hearing specious arguments intended to dismantle a health care law that attempted to help the greatest number of people. Not for nothing, it was a law that would ultimately keep all of our premiums down.

Where to find balance?

I found it helped me to remember how grateful I am to live in a place where we can read and hear more enlightened viewpoints.

In the midst of living in a world where we are all confronted with so many things that don’t seem right – we look to find a reliable place of internal balance.

The experience of listening to live music communally often helps us to make shared connections between the concrete physical world and the unseen felt world.
These shared ways of hearing and understanding keep me optimistic that exploration within society can lead to progress.

The force of rock and roll helped shake us from a lot of complacency. And yet perhaps now, at least for me, that shaking is too forceful, too reactive. I want to create music that has room to hear the conversation within it, and room to hear that at its source, a stillness can be found.

If we are lucky, in our homes we can create spaces of refuge. But ultimately if we work to find our home inside ourselves we just might discover the inner resources we need to carry that peace wherever we go.