I love the energy of standing on a bridge – two distinctly different feelings and energies as we cross the road – one as the water rushes towards us and the other much calmer as it flows away from us.


Almost five months have passed since I last sent out a newsletter to the 400 of you who are still kind enough to receive and even read these messages.


Yes, things leave their mark – but they also pass.  Things in our heads that were so important, that we had planned to say to someone, are no longer there, empty of the power they had in our thoughts.

Can that help us learn about the nature of what occupies us so much of the time?  Just as the water’s energy changes, unseen underneath us as we stand on the bridge, the current passes from the future to the past.


What do we really have?  We know the answer: only how we bring ourselves to the present.  Then we can steer our intention to include the wisdom and kindness that we posses inherently.


That is the sense of aliveness I get to balance as I play with our band, Heart of Hearing, the first Wednesday of every month at the Lilypad in Cambridge MA.So: this Wednesday, February 1, at 6:30 pm.


Like Dwight Eisenhower, U.S. president # 34 said, “Planning is essential.  Plans are useless.”  I plan for the gigs, but then I show up and play and you show up and listen.  And what we all come for — sharing that tender and alive moment of being present — reveals the miraculous power and grace of sounds entering our hearts and illuminating all of our humanity.

Hope to see you soon.