Say:  ” tet trap tick”

It is a painting with four panels that make up one painting.

A dyptych has two panels.

A triptych has three.

A tetraptych has four – sometimes it is called a quadaptych.

The great thing about these paintings is that each panel – though it can stand on its own – really speaks to the other panels.

They work together, the artist is spreading out – softening the boundaries of where the painting and the subject begins and ends.

Most of us, most of the time, view the world around us assuming the unexamined premise that “I” am” in” here looking out at everything else.  This way of addressing the world invites conflict.  By better understanding how the “me” is established in our minds – we can see that there is a possibility of softening that view. Maybe seeing in glimpses that we are so deeply interconnected – that we are actually without separate existence.

Could it be that everything is in everything?

The great living Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh talks about  how the software engineer’s wife – who cooked him breakfast so he could go to work and invent the word processing program that I am using – is here, right now, in this screen where you are reading this.  She is part of how all this is happening, a part of us!  Absolutely.  So is the farmer that grew the food for that breakfast – so is the rain that fell on those wheat plants and the baker that made the bread – that became cells in the engineer’s body.  The boundaries that we think separate us have melted.

Tetraptych. We chose the name of the band to help remind us of this perspective.  I hope you will hear it in our music – and begin to see it as a possibility everywhere in your life.

Hery Paz – tenor sax
Max Ridley – upright bass
Dor Herskovits – drums
Bert Seager – piano and compositions.

We are so excited to start our monthly “first Wednesdays” residency at the Lilypad. Next month I will write more about the music and about who we are.  Later this spring we plan on making a recording.  Please come – and hear us as we celebrate the joy of finding each other – as friends and as partners in musical magic.

$10 suggested donation.
Beer and wine available.
One set of tunes – starting 7:30 pm
Wednesday, February 3, March 2, April 6 – etc..