Where do we go from here?

Last weekend I went to the women’s rally on Boston Common and was inspired by the positive energy and warmth in that enormous crowd of citizens. Many of the speeches put the present in a historical context, talking about important past struggles – the triumphs that people fought for and won: abolition, voting rights, marriage equality to name a few. The victories didn’t end the need for further action on any of those issues. As one of the speakers said, “The work will never be done, and we will never stop working.”

What a relief!

Since we know it will never, it CAN never be finished, I believe that leaves room to explore the work of finding balance in our lives as well. A balance that gives us the resilience to forge on amidst our limitations and those things that we cannot control.

I am always working to understand and apply these principles and practices to the processes of playing music, as part of renewing a musical vision. So I am extremely grateful to be playing in a band that explicitly undertakes this search together.

Tetraptych is coming on strong.

Our new CD is ready – not officially released yet – but soon. On April 15 at Mandorla Music in Somerville we will have our official CD release concert/party. (Mark your calendars!)

Meanwhile, we are still playing twice a month – on the first Wednesday of each month from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm at the Lilypad in Cambridge. And the first Thursday of each month at Spice Thai Kitchen in Ipswich from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Where we go from here? Where have we been going? Where we want to go? Wherever our imaginations and efforts lead us.

I am writing to express my hope that you might venture out this week and experience the connecting power of the live music we are offering.

Love, always


“The Meeting” Photo by Vanessa Marsh www.vanessamarshphotography.com