We are indoors and outdoors and seeing things from as many angles and perspectives as possible.  These hydrangeas were photographed from inside a window looking out.

Right now while it rains outside, I am inside, writing an invitation for you to join us at the Lilypad, 1353 Cambridge Street in Inman Square, Cambridge, on Wednesday, August 4, at 6:30 pm.

I was so excited to read in The Boston Globe this week that the Lilypad had received a “shuttered venue” payment from the federal government. The article quoted Lilypad owner Gill Aaron, who said that this grant “made us whole.”  He had been paying his staff and mortgage and taxes all along, even though the place had been closed for the the past 16 months.

A group many of us supported called Save our Stages worked to make sure that money for art venues and performance space was included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  And it worked!

Gill offered me the opportunity to re-start my once-a-month “First Wednesday” residency at the Lilypad.  We played on July 7, the week it re-opened to the public.  It was quite moving, playing to a particularly warm and enthusiastic audience – our first show since the pandemic shutdown began in March 2020.

Still, we did not know what to expect as we gathered for our first gig. Three weeks ago, I heard the director of a local organization called Arts Boston speaking about a study they had commissioned. The survey found that everyone who said they were planning on going back to indoor arts events, (museums, concerts, and theater) had been vaccinated.  Yes, 100% of these people!

One thing I noticed at our Lilypad gig was that some people wore masks and others didn’t.  Everyone there seemed to have transcended any feeling of separation that the masks might have created. Some of my friends still don’t feel safe enough to come out to sit inside a small room to listen, and I respect that.   I really hope that if you do come to hear us, out of consideration for everyone present, you will get vaccinated.

One thing was for certain, it felt wonderful to be back!

This month, August 4, I am thrilled to be playing with Eden Macadam Somer, the exquisite violinist and vocalist.  We will be joined by James Heazlewood Dale on upright bass and two hand-percussionists, Brian O’Neill and Dor Herskovits.  Here is the link to the Lilypad website with a more detailed description of the quintet, along with our bios.  https://www.lilypadinman.com/home/2021/8/4/bert-seager-presentsthe-why-not.   The extra percussionist provides both greater energy and color possibilities; one drummer can stay inside the groove while the other explores from the outside.

Wishing you inner and outer harmony,


“I gotta get outta this before I get into this”

Frank Zappa