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  • Sat

    Tetraptych - CD release party

    8:00 pm

    Third Life Studio

    33 Union Square, Somerville

    Tetraptych is Bert Seager - piano/compositions, Hery Paz - tenor saxophone,

    Max Ridley - upright bass & Dor Herskovits - drums

    Tetraptych is also the name of their new recording!

    Tetraptych is the work of a true working band. The superb strengths of the individual players - Hery Paz is a revelation and the rhythm section is marvelous - are always in service of the music. I have followed Bert Seager for 30 years, and I feel that this the strongest project yet from an artist who is always searching for a more personal expression. A wonderful album in every way.” – Fred Hersch